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How can your region or your health and social services centre offer better primary health care,improve patient health and reduce the costs of all services for the population in the area? Many would say that such a formula is impossible, given the system’s budget situation, pressure from the growing demand for services, overcrowded emergency rooms, etc. False, say the health care systems experts. There is a way out of these endless situations, and it lies in providing optimal primary health care management for a population, with priority given to patients with chronic diseases.

Assess the Maturity Index of your health care organizations and medical clinics before implementing the Concerto health model.

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Rate the Maturity Index of your facilities and your clinics before the implementation of the Model Health Concerto.

The assessment tool determines your organization’s Maturity Index using close to 40 criteria grouped in 5 management domains.

  • Structure and Environment
  • Process and Approaches
  • Tools and Technologies
  • Human Resources
  • Change Capacity

A radar diagram helps identify the strengths as well as the areas to improve before implementing the Concerto Program.