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Chronically Well!

Concerto Health Capsule
January 2014

Government funding for integrated PRIMARY CARE chronic disease management (rehabilitation) programs

Submit a winning CSSS-FMG project

The CSSSs and FMGs are being invited to take concrete action to manage chronic diseases. To access the funding announced by the MSSS (Direction générale des services de santé et médecine universitaire) last November, family physicians and managers must be able to present an integrated project structured around specific aspects.

You are invited to benefit from the knowledge developed within a program that meets all the requirements for this call for projects. You can make use of it to:

  • Evaluate the success factors and the elements that need improvement before starting to implement your project;
  • Speed up the implementation stages with the help of a training program and educational tools;
  • Optimize the activities of the FMG interdisciplinary team, with the help of care pathways;
  • Personalize services for patients and promote self-care;
  • Integrate the required screening, prevention and follow-up activities in the FMG;
  • Measure the processes and results:
    • Changes in professional practices, job satisfaction
    • Improvement in health results, assessment of the patient experience
    • Efficiency gains in the short term (starting in year 1) – net savings in the medium term (in less than 3 years).

Integrate a Concerto tool into your project

Take 5 minutes to watch the Concerto Health Program animation. See how Mary could have been treated, with tools designed specifically for primary care chronic disease management, in each of 5 care episodes that occurred in her life over the past 20 years.

We would like to help you

Implementing an integrated chronic disease management project in an FMG is a major challenge. Feel free to contact our team. We would be pleased to put our experience to work for you.

To learn more:

Visit Our services on our Web site or call us. 514 486-5226

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