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Make care easier for people suffering from chronic diseases

Tools readily available for patients and health professionals

Interdisciplinary, computerized pathways for primary care chronic disease management could have made Mary's care experience easier. Mary is 45 years old, obese and sedentary, a smoker, and occasionally drinks alcohol. Follow her care over a period of 20 years. Share the types of incidents that could have been prevented if her follow-up had included care pathways and services adapted to her health condition. See how to personalize services while reducing health care costs at the same time!

Satisfaction Assesment of Patients with Chronic Diseases: When Interdisciplinarity Brings Evidence

Part 1 – Data collection and analysis methodology – November 2013
Part 2 – Results by five assessment areas – November 2013
Part 3 – Results by assessment area, number of pathologies and some sociodemographic data – November 2013
Part 4 – Highlights, successful aspects to include and needs to fill – November 2013