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3 new care pathways for coordinating primary care services in an interdisciplinary community care environment

Tree new care pathways have been added to the prevention and management of chronic diseases tool box: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Mental health (depression, anxiety disorder), and Arthritic diseases. Those new interdisciplinary care and services pathways are designed to adapt the patient follow-up, by considering one or more of the 7 other chronic diseases Concerto tool box. See the details of this innovative action plan to better face the growing curb of heath expenses.

A very satisfied interdisciplinary team

Family medicine group (FMG) showcase project

The human factor is often the key to success in an innovative project. Take a look at the significant job satisfaction results after the Concerto Health Model is deployed in two FMGs in Sud de Lanaudière. A study conducted by Andrée Duplantie, a nursing expert in bioethics. Among the dimensions assessed, they especially liked the interdisciplinary approach and the work environment.

Clinic Results and Efficiency Gains in Chronic Disease Management: when the first line of services coordinates the health care in the Family doctor’s Environment