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Concerto Health Group is a team of experts in medicine, nursing, and health care management.

Concerto know-how: Implementing computerized care pathways designed for the interdisciplinary practice of family medicine.

Concerto impact: Reducing the use of emergency services and hospitalization - in priority by patients suffering from several chronic diseases and patients at high risk of complications.

Latest News

50 % of chronic patients = 90 % of hospitalizations

Make the necessary choices
For 50% of the population!

  • There is a solution to help you address the health care expenditure growth curve.
  • Why not make a choice that affects 50% of the population (people who have one or more chronic diseases) and causes 90% of hospitalizations?
  • Take advantage of a field-tested action plan that satifies patiens and professionals alike(Quebec 2011-2013).
  • Base your plans on a unanimous concern about the urgency to take structured action for chronic diseases.
  • Take immediate action to support an ever-rising proportion of elderly people who have multiple chronic diseases.

3 new care pathways for coordinating primary care services in an interdisciplinary community care environment

Three new care pathways have been added to the prevention and management of chronic diseases tool box: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Mental health (depression, anxiety and adjustment disorder), and by the end of the year, Inflammatory rheumatic diseases. Those new interdisciplinary care and services pathways are designed to adapt the patient follow-up, by considering one or more of the 7 other chronic diseases Concerto tool box. See the details of this innovative action plan to better face the growing curb of heath expenses.

Make care easier for people suffering from chronic diseases

Tools readily available for patients and health professionals

Interdisciplinary, computerized pathways for primary care chronic disease management could have made Mary's care experience easier. Mary is 45 years old, obese and sedentary, a smoker, and occasionally drinks alcohol. Follow her care over a period of 20 years. Share the types of incidents that could have been prevented if her follow-up had included care pathways and services adapted to her health condition. See how to personalize services while reducing health care costs at the same time!

Are you a Public Health Expert or a private partner in the Public Health Care System?

Increase your ability to analyse the impacts of prevention and Chronic Diseases Management
  • Get an initial assessment of a clinical environment’s ability to adopt new practices and approaches.
  • See personalized care and the optimal management of treatment, including drugs, become a reality.
  • Have access to information on the care process and outcomes, based on several factors including comorbidity.
  • With Concerto care pathways, benefit from access to population data from an optimal clinical environment for the prevention and management of chronic diseases (real-world data).
  • Be a key stakeholder in better care and better health, at a better cost.

Eight care pathways for coordinating primary care services in an interdisciplinary environment

They are unique. They are designed to optimize the role of primary care nurses, family physicians and other professionals on the interdisciplinary team. Take a look at the therapeutic areas covered by these pathways. They indicate not only the best decisions to take based on recognized guidelines, but also the activities of each care giver for each patient, regardless of whether the patient is healthy or has one or more chronic diseases. In addition, they are computerized and available now!

A very satisfied interdisciplinary team

Family medicine group (FMG) showcase project

The human factor is often the key to success in an innovative project. Take a look at the significant job satisfaction results after the Concerto Health Model is deployed in two FMGs in Sud de Lanaudière. A study conducted by Andrée Duplantie, a nursing expert in bioethics. Among the dimensions assessed, they especially liked the interdisciplinary approach and the work environment.

Clinical Outcomes and Efficiency Gains in Chronic Disease Management: when the first line of services coordinates the health care in the Family doctor’s Environment


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