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Concerto Health Capsule
February 2014

A governance model for integrated primary/secondary care for the health-reforming first world

10 successful and sustainable elements

All examples of successful primary/secondary care integration reported in the literature have focused on a combination of some, if not all, of the ten elements described in a paper published in the December 2013 issue of the BMC Health Services Research journal. Authors of this world wide review of literature (2006-2011) confirms the agreement that multiple elements are required to ensure successful and sustained integration efforts. Whilst no one model fits all systems these elements provide a focus for setting up integration initiatives which need to be flexible for adapting to local conditions and settings.

1. Joint planning 2. Integrated information communication technology 3. Change management 4. Shared clinical priorities 5. Incentives 6. Population focus 7. Measurement using data as a quality improvement tool 8. Continuing professional development supporting joint working 9. Patient/community engagement 10. Innovation.

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